Getting the vote out (and getting trapped in a voter’s garden…)

So, election day last week and I was out knocking on doors for my chosen tribe, trying to coax our would-be voters down to the polls. With my own constituency a foregone conclusion (or so everybody thought – it unexpectedly flipped from Conservative to Labour on the night), I spent the day getting the vote out in the villages around Oxford.

The day was hard work but fun, although not without incident. While door-knocking on one street, I had to visit a house set back from the road with six-foot high fences all around. I let myself into the garden, stopped by the house (busy, but will vote later) and was heading back to the road and… the latch on the gate couldn’t be lifted from the inside. It’d been made very clear that the residents would not welcome another knock on the door, but there was also no way of getting out. Eventually, thank God, my friend was able to rescue me, but still not quite the election afternoon I’d had planned…